About Shudian Ltd

Shudian Ltd. is based in London and is involved in building and creating educational websites for language learning. Our main focus is on creating websites that are user-friendly and accessible. 

Current websites:

Chinese Converter.com is a pioneer in websites for learning Mandarin Chinese. This website was launched in 2012 and it continues to innovate and reach new global audiences. It is constantly being improved and one of the newest resources is our Chinese IME. As well as this online Chinese keyboard, there are over 30 resources for students and teachers of Chinese. 

Following on from the success of Chinese Converter, Shudian Ltd launched Cantonese Tools.org in 2018. 

Russian Tools.com was launched in mid-2020 and EnglishTools.org was launched in late 2020. 

As our focus is on teaching languages in different ways, we have expanded and now have over 15 different websites. These include websites for learning Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and Turkish. 

Shudian Ltd established a Patreon in 2021 as a way of offering advert-free content. Our name is based on the Chinese for bookshop as we believe that all our educational sites are like the world’s biggest bookshop.